DATES… (The Ruffled Pages)

You were always bad at remembering dates, ‘So tell me when is Anjali’s birthday’, I teased you. Anjali was a friend of ours and that day, the 10th of November, all 10 of us went camping into the hills-a place not frequent with campers. You rolled your eyes and said 17th March -I freeze for a second-and Anjali replied in annoyance that it wasn’t her birth date but mine. I became silent and started concentrating on the forest floor. You rolled your eyes again and asked Anjali to forgive you and then we started walking through the dense woodlands. We truly relished the thrill and beauty of the forests, it was breath-taking, but for me, the most beautiful part was seeing your wonderstruck expression and the smile which wasn’t leaving your countenance. Every time, in between your scanning of forests, your gaze used to fall on me, my heart used to thud faster and my face, well trained to hide my feelings, automatically used to turn the other way. We had a bonfire in the night and after everyone slept, I came out of my tent to gaze at the night sky, to get enamoured by the silent beauty of the massive woods. Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind and I knew it was you-2 years of liking someone, you get to understand and feel their presence. I kept on staring at the sky, luckily the place where we camped, the shrubbery wasn’t high enough to hide the skies. You came and asked me what was I doing in the dead of the night, I said staring at the sky, you did not reply and started star gazing with me. I showed you Orion and Ursa Minor. We spent hours figuring out Taurus, Aries and many others. Then I was silent for some time ,it was almost 3 a.m., Suddenly, you spoke up, you asked why did I always tease you regarding dates and I asked you why did you always have to forget them and then you said that you only remembered dates which mattered to you-I could feel butterflies in my stomach, which I ignored- and then we started chatting about several other subjects ranging from wildlife to music and movies to cuisines . By the time we finished, the dawn started breaking and neither of us were sleepy, so you asked me if I was interested in seeing the Sun rise, I replied in affirmative and we rushed across the woods without keeping track of the trail as the Sun was almost rising. We reached the nearest hilltop scrambling up the rocks and reaching just in time to watch the whole sky getting flooded in pink. The beauty of this sight was unparalleled, the sun blooming on the horizon, the pink petals stretching outwards into the mild blue and then turning golden and I felt that I was the luckiest human being on this planet to have viewed this site with you-you still holding my hand .Finally we started descending from the hill once the sun was affixed over our heads .That is when realization struck and we realized that we lost the trail . My phone was discharged and you hadn’t brought yours. So, as the adrenaline in our blood diminished and fear started replacing it, we started recalling our paths -You said you knew the path back and we started walking back. By the time we reached the campsite, there weren’t any tents there. We realized, that our friends might have gone to the office at the commencement of the trail to help locate us. So, we went directly to the office. Finally, when we reached there, we found our friends waiting for us. There was also someone else there, someone who broke my daze and brought me back to reality-your girlfriend, who had come to give you a surprise. She hugged you and kissed you. I turned my face the other side to avoid looking at both of you. All of a sudden, reality struck me like a thunderbolt, my heart was broken AGAIN. It has been 3 months since our camping trip, it’s been 3 months since I made peace with the part that I do not matter to you. Today after a long time all 10 of us were sitting together again and playing rapid fire. Since you are bad at dates, your best friend asks you to remember birth dates. He first asks you to remember his own birthdate and you say 17th March-your friend almost kills you but then he gives you another chance and he asks you your girlfriend’s birthday to which you say 11th November.  My heart skips a beat ,but I convince myself that you are just bad at remembering dates.

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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