Need for a “CHANGE”(Silent Musings)

As a child,a bibliophile and a potterhead, Joanne K Rowling was my inspiration and role model. I revelled in her world of magic and emulated the writing style of Robert Galbraith. However, today as a human, I excoriate her for the transphobic statement tweeted by her a couple of days back. A trans-woman is as much a woman as a cis woman is , a trans-man is as much a man as a cis-man is and if someone cannot acknowledge this fundamental fact then that individual should seek treatment because transphobia and homophobia are diseases which plague a huge section of the society and have deprived several individuals of their fundamental rights. While the whole world celebrates the pride month , we need to introspect ourselves as often nesciently we ourselves have propagated and encouraged homophobia and transphobia, be it through YouTubers who very easily and insultingly say, ” Abe gay hai kya b****d”, or in our daily lives when we call someone a eunuch to insult them or call two tight knit friends gay or lesbian to mock them. What we do not realise is that through such acts, we are not insulting the intended individual but an entire section of the society. We need to realise a joke is a joke as long as it does not question the existence of a certain section of the society.Ofcourse, people like J K Rowling or Carryminati should be extra careful while choosing their words because they influence a huge section of the society but at the same time it is our responsibility as well to uproot the evils of transphobia and homophobia from our society and make everyone understand that the problem lies with people who are homophobic or transphobic and they are the ones who have a diseased mentality because the question is no more about live and let live, it’s about living with EQUAL FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS!

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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