TRUE LOVE (The Ruffled Pages)

The other day, I was scrolling Instagram and I came across a thought which said that true love often goes unrequited, true love often cannot be seen but when you are in trouble true love will always save you. I gave the quote a glance, looked at you and then laughed at myself for wishing for you to love me. It had been 8 months since I started liking you and it had been a year since you told me that you did not want to get into “stuff like commitments”, but I guess I fell for you. A part of me loved to believe that you cherished and adored me the way I adored you but the saner version always had better arguments that you did not and it often won. That day, I had asked you out for an 8 PM movie and much to my delight, you had readily agreed. Thus, as we headed out, I was ecstatic when suddenly, we encountered your best friend coming our way. He asked you where were we headed and you replied that we were going for a movie. A mischievous smile spread across your friend’s face and he gave you a suggestive look. You rolled your eyes and waved him goodbye and we proceeded. As we walked on for a few metres, you said that you did not feel well and asked me whether I could postpone the movie plan. I looked at your face, you looked anywhere but at me. I felt a surge of anger and disappointment inside me. I tightened my jaws blinked back my tears and with clenched teeth, I replied indifferently that I was fine with it. You apologized and started walking back, I stayed back for a stroll. As I started walking, I could feel tears rolling down my face and felt as if a branding hot iron had been shoved across my chest. I was utterly dismayed and I hated it when, to avoid controversy, you often walked out on me. Today, was one such day, when your friend’s teasing made you walk out on me. I was very hurt and I felt imbecile. As I was walking across the road, the tears in my eyes blurred my vision but I did not care because nothing could lessen or distract me from the pain which had engulfed me. Suddenly, I heard screeching of wheels and when I blinked back my tears and looked up, I could see a motorbike trying to slow down to prevent from ramming on to me but it failed. The motorbike crashed in me and I fell down. Thanks to the driver, I wasn’t hurt much but as I tried getting up, I felt a strange and unbearable pain in my left leg, I cried. As I tried looking, I saw that my left leg was bleeding and I was pretty sure that it was broken. I was in intense pain, the rider tried helping me stand up but I cried. He took my cell phone and called the last dialled number which was yours. He told you about my accident. Within five minutes, you came running to the accident spot. As soon as you saw me like that, you called my best friend to inform her of the accident and told her to reach the hospital immediately. You glanced at me and then without thinking, lifted me and rushed me to the nearby hospital , around 1 km away, on foot. It was late and you knew that finding a vehicle or calling an ambulance would take time. As you lifted me, I remembered the foot injury you had sustained a few days back and I bent to glance at your foot which was still tied up in a crepe bandage. I looked at your face and saw a strange fear in your eyes , something which I had never encountered on your face: The fear of losing someone. As we reached the hospital and you put me on the stretcher in the emergency ward, I could clearly see you were in pain but you did not pay any heed to your pain. Due to the intense pain, the doctors injected sleep medicines in my body. As I became drowsy and sleep started engulfing me, I remembered the line I read earlier: but when you are in trouble true love will always save you. I looked at you , smiled and passed out….

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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