THE PERFECT GIFT (The Ruffled Pages)

Finally, the day had arrived: the day for which I had waited an entire year; the day into which I had given months of planning and the day I planned confessing my feelings for you: Your Birthday. I was excited since the eve of your birthday and since you weren’t at home this year, I asked you to spend the evening with me, only me. My joy knew no bounds when you agreed at once because I knew you weren’t someone who was much fond of Birthday parties or any sort of celebrations. I picked out the perfect red dress I had been saving since a year- since I knew the one time, I had worn that red top, I had the privilege to see your eyes pop out of their sockets for a moment. I knew you loved Red colour. As soon as the clock struck 12, we, your small coterie of friends face timed you only to sing the conventional birthday song we had been singing since ages. The next day, being a Saturday, all of us were free and you had an entire day to enjoy. I thanked god as I knew that only because this year your Birthday was on a Saturday, I were able to get the invaluable opportunity of spending time with you and make your day extra special. As soon as the amber sunrays caressed my face from a small chink in between my curtains, I was awakened. Finally, it was the day I could let you know how much I liked you and how much you meant to me. As I woke up, I went to the departmental store to buy the goods and chattels I would require to plan your special day. I knew you would come at around 5:30 P.M., once you were done hanging out with your guy gang. I had bought the watch you had been eyeing since the past 5 months, I knew you wanted because it was the exact remake of the watch model possessed by your grandpa but you never bought it because you did not believe in unnecessary expenditure. I set up the table and the table cloth was custom made by me and it contained a collage of pictures of yours and mine. I had baked your favourite chocolate truffle cake, cooked your favourite: mac and cheese with meatballs in it- just the way you liked! I also had made a small pocket diary which contained a small picture along with one memory of each day spent with you. This was the most special present as I planned on giving it to you when I confessed my feelings for you. Finally, I put on the red dress, made my hair and red lipstick-your favourite. It was 5:05 P.M. when I was done with all my preparations. As clock ticked towards 5:30 P.M., my heart beat increased and its palpitation increased. The butterflies in my stomach started killing me. 10 minutes later, I looked at the watch. It was 5:38 P.M., I called you -you did not pick up. I assumed you must be driving to arrive at my place. An hour passed, I texted you again- you replied that you were still stuck with your friends at the club. Another couple of hours passed, my roomie-our friend called to check in on me as she was the only one who knew what had I planned today. As soon as she learned what had happened, she reproached me and asked me to think twice before asking you out. I texted you one last time and my text went on read. I was heartbroken, I texted you and called off our at-home. I texted you: “Today’s evening is cancelled; will get your gift tomorrow. Not well, see ya tmrw. Happy Birthday”. I burst into tears as I slipped into my pyjamas and tied my hair into a messy bun with strands cascading my face. I took the table cloth- lighted your birthday candle and using the candle, set ablaze the table cloth. My eyes were blinded with tears. I dumped the cake in trash and sat crying on the porch of my house retrospecting as to how silly had I been to assume that you liked me as well. Suddenly as I looked up, blinking back my tears, I saw you standing right in front of me. I could see the guilt in your eyes but I preferred ignoring it for now as I was hurt beyond my imagination. “Hey “, you said, I replied back with a “Hi”. As I stood up to face you, you had an amazed look on your face- a look I had never seen before. “Oh my gosh you look beautiful”, you blurted out. I was still angry on you so; I did not say a word. You entered my house and went straight into the kitchen. “What are you searching for? I did not prepare a cake”, I told you in an acerbic tone. You rolled your eyes and said you were searching for your mac n cheese. I was dumbstruck but I did not reply. You found it and took a ladle since you weren’t able to locate my spoons and started gorging down on my mac n cheese. You came to me, hugged me and said that it was the best mac n cheese you had ever tasted. By then, myself, a hopeless romantic had my anger fizzled out while watching you innocently consume the dish I had specially prepared for you. After that you asked me for your gift- I gave you the watch and had the pleasure to see that crooked smile on your face and tears of gratitude in your eyes. I smiled back at you and then you suddenly asked me,” But where is my gift?”, I replied that I had just given you your gift and then you retorted, “Not this, the main gift?”. I understood what were you referring to and I turned away to avoid meeting your eyes and replied that the watch was the only gift I brought for you. Suddenly, you held me around the waist and pulled me towards you- I froze. While I was staring at you, you rummaged my pyjama pocket and took out the pocket diary and said that this is what you had been looking forward the entire year. You sat down on the porch holding my hand and started flipping through the pages of the diary. It took you 25 minutes to read the entire diary and see all the pictures and after that you just looked into my eyes and whispered in my ears, you voice more beautiful than the rustling of leaves, that this was the best present you had ever received in your life. In that moment, I wish that time would freeze and in that moment my heart whispered, that you loved me too the way I loved you….

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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