TRUST ( The Silent Musings)

It is difficult to trust someone especially when one feels betrayed when one has been betrayed. What we fail to realise is that the loss isn’t of the one who was betrayed but the one who betrays because the one who betrays is the one who loses a loved one’s trust. Above all, it is truly difficult to trust after being betrayed but we cannot let the toxicity of our past terrible betrayals define our present. Stripping a new acquaintance or an old confrère-who has never betrayed us-of our trust is unfair. Just because we encountered a single individual who broke our trust, we cannot inculpate every single individual around us as someone who puts up an “act” or a “facade” . While it is difficult to recuperate from the trauma experienced in the past and we may not recover completely ever but sometimes lending an ear prior to judging someone helps because after all trust is the basis of life . The only thing a new born life can give to nature and it’s surroundings just after it is born is TRUST….

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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