TAKING RISKS (The Silent Musings)

Often, the only reason we prefer to pursue and remain in mediocrity is not the part that we dislike changes. It is the part that we are scared of changes . We are frightened of the unpredictability and we choose to hide it under the cloak of stubborn behaviour and the aversion to changes. While we urge our dear ones to take the risk and strive for excellence, we often are scared to take the leap. What we do not realise is that sometimes the other side not just holds what we expect but it has something much more to provide us with. We often forget that every illustrious and noteworthy personality was a game changer. They took the risk , made the leap and the only thing they were stubborn about was their will and their hardcore determination to succeed. As the saying goes, “you do not know how deep the waters are until you dive in”. Not only that, we also do not know what the other side of the bank has in store for us until we swim across to the other side. Being stubborn and rigid is good as long as it is limited to our will and does not come in the way of the new changes awaiting us. We cannot forget that every new change brings alongwith it a fresh surge of confidence and if not anything, a new bout of experience. We grow as we embrace the change in and around us. Thus, for the sake of the excellence which awaits us, we should never be scared of taking the leap!

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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