SUPPORT (The Silent Musings)

Support is a highly undermined word but we forget to understand it’s enormity. People say that any relationship is based on trust , mutual understanding and love but they often ignore the most important element of any relationship , the essence which in the first place gave their relationship a flavour: Support. Support is a small selfless gesture from our side but could be a life changer for someone else. Where people are everyday striving and toiling incessantly for a little recognition and acknowledgement, support plays a huge role in shaping not just their lives but their perspectives towards others and their perspective towards life. While very few would have acknowledged this, but all of you would have observed that support acts as a sieve too: a sieve which actually filters out the people who were never encouraging or never really stood up for us . It evinces who will actually stay with us, encourage us and help us excel . After all, the people who support you in your endeavours and ventures are the only ones worth keeping and it’s better that the sooner we walk away from the ones who never supported or encouraged us, the happier and satisfied we will be , for it would help us not give rise to unnecessary expectations which if broken could hurt us like shards of glass penetrating our chest. Support is also a beautiful way to express one’s love. Unconditional support is one of the stepping stones of a strong and loving relationship. Thus, let us all reach out and extend our support and solidarity to the people who matter for us and also to acquaintances and strangers who might need it and bring a smile on their faces and try make this world an even better place to live in. After all, the happiness we share always makes us more happy than the happiness we receive!

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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