Reliving Childhood (Silent Musings)

While scanning through my bookshelf, to get respite from my current hectic, stressful yet mundane schedule, I came across a book-“The Cosmic Detective” by Dr. Mani Bhaumik. Nostalgia hit hard and a smile, unbeknownst to me, crept up on my lips- I still remember the day my Science teacher gifted me that book- I was in 3rd standard and Sunita Williams had just ran the first marathon in Space. She was my role model and I often used to wear my brother’s bike helmet and imagined myself being an astronaut. That is when my teacher gifted me the book- “The Cosmic Detective”. That is when a 9-year-old girl decided that she wanted to become a Cosmologist in NASA and study about the most wondrous and mysterious creation of this Universe- The Black Hole. That is when it hit me- Childhood and its dreams. I mused as to where it all got lost, when did that 9-year-old girl grew up. We have all heard and agreed to the part that Childhood is the best part of a person’s life but have we ever introspected as to why it was the best part of one’s life, why an individual oblivious to the happenings of the world is the happiest individual of the world? It isn’t just innocence but also the nerve to dream and believing the part that we can achieve them no matter what. It is the part where we weren’t worried about the future, learned from our past experiences and enjoyed the present. It was the part where we revelled in small joys, where sharing a chocolate with a sibling became the best day of our life and hugging our friend solved all our issues. It was the part where the best gift for us used to be our favourite dessert made by mom! The most exotic present used to be that triple decker pencil case brought by dad for our new session. It was the part where we did not care how we looked, how we performed or what we had. All we cared for were those two hours in the evening when we would be allowed to go out and play with our friends. It was a time when school meant tiffin breaks and PT classes and not half yearly and annual examinations, when friends were full of love and not sarcasm and spite. It was the best phase of our lives because we did not hold any expectations then and small gestures were enough to lighten up our morn. Most importantly, it was a time when we believed in miracles, when a child did not care how hard it would be but was determined to achieve his/her dreams. While we know that childhood cannot come back but we can try bringing back it’s essence, if not anything, we can try making the life that we live a happier one!

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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