Gesture (The Ruffled Pages)

It was a cold December morning and we had to stay back to complete our pending tasks, thus, it was a cold and frustrating morning as almost all of our colleagues were back at home for holidays but we had to stay back, thanks to the volunteering to complete the extra tasks. Now that we had to miss spending the holidays with our respective families, the bonus seemed not so significant now.  However, the only good thing was that almost all of our friends had volunteered to stay back including you. Being December 26th, all of us were saving up our left-over pocket money for the New Years. Thus, we were literally broke and we had to eat whatever little we could get in and around the workplace. Being extremely lazy individuals and working late at night, all of us used to wake up late the next day and as predicted, had to rush to the workplace thus, skipping breakfast.

I was extremely sleepy that day-actually, all of us were extremely sleepy that day as the last night was spent having a mini Christmas party at the nearby mess. Thus, we had slept late and all of us had a lot of work pending. As soon as we sat at our respective cubicles, I could see your head drooping. I went to the coffee machine, got a coffee for myself and got one for you too. As I went to give you the coffee, I saw that you had already dozed off. I stood near you, gazing at your face admiring your amazing facial features-your lush lashes were as beautiful as the greenery of the Amazonian forests. Your chiseled jaw could break any heart into a million pieces. Your sharp nose was as awe-striking as the mountain peaks of the Andes. Your bushy brows told a story of their own. Your face-as innocent as an infant’s-still gave me the jitters even after all this time. Oh! How I could spend my entire day gazing at this marvel of God-your face. How my heart wished to confess my feelings to you but thankfully my mind knew better than that. I slightly nudged you, so that you could wake up. You murmured something and moved a little. I again gave you a sharper nudge that’s when you woke up a little startled-Oh! Your messy hair killed me! I smiled at you and handed you your coffee-you looked at me-strangely without blinking, as though you were lost. My heart skipped a beat and I could feel the heat creep onto my cheeks but then you were back to your senses and you took the coffee cup from me and went back to working. I stood there expecting gratitude from your side but I received none. I felt really annoyed but chose not to say a word and stomped away from your face. As I came and sat at my place, my best friend noticed the angered countenance and smirked. I glared at her and she replied with a “what did he do now?”. I told her about your ill-mannered behavior, she replied, “you know, the kinda people pleaser he is he expresses gratitude even when the formalities are unnecessary, you are the only one whom he never thanks”. “What’s your point?”, I retorted. She rolled her eyes and replied,” Dude he obviously likes you, that’s why he behaves so weirdly with you, not that I approve of this behavior of his, but what’s true is true!” I told her that I did not believe in any such thing but a part of me jumped at this observation of my friend’s. However, I chose to ignore that and continued with the never-ending pile of tasks pending. It was 6 P.M. by the time we had finished with that day’s chores. Everyone else had left around 5 except you and me.

I had a lot to finish and weirdly, you said you had a lot to finish too-although I knew you were the quickest amongst all of us.  However, I had a lot on my mind then so I did not ponder much on this. We finished off by 6 P.M. and I was extremely hungry when we walked out of the office. Due to the cold weather, all the shops around had closed by 5-5:30 P.M. So, we had to search for a food-joint around. After walking a few kilometers, I was dying of hunger and I guess that was visible on my face. I knew even you did not eat anything since morning-but you were trying to cheer me up by cracking jokes. I smiled at your cute gesture and we walked in search of a food outlet. That is when we came across a fast-food joint which was closing. We rushed to the place to get some food. Since we were out of money both of us just bought a single sub each. I finished mine in a flash and I was still hungry but broke too so I just sat and waited for you to finish your food. Suddenly, you glanced at me and offered me your half-eaten sub. I refused to have it and asked jokingly that was hunger so evident on my face. You smiled and said that you were full and you did not want to have it and you offered me the sub again. I took it reluctantly and thanked you-you waved it off saying that you were full. I knew your humongous appetite and I knew that even three subs won’t make you feel full after all you yourself used to say you had the appetite of Joey Tribbiani! I smiled and the jitters in my stomach were for real this time. For once, I believed what my friend said-probably I was really special for you, probably you did really like me!

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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