Fighting our Inner Demons

Ever feared something? It’s a suffocating feeling isn’t it? Fear is something induced in every creature to save themselves from life threatening situations. However, it is widely believed that no creature is born with fear pre-programmed in them since birth. They start fearing situations and other creatures through their life-experiences and in case of humans, often through word of mouth. Fear can be of several types- you can fear losing someone close to you, you can fear loss of love, loss of stability like loss of job or family. You can fear rejection or ridicule. You can also fear losing a skill you have acquired through loads of practice. While it is wrong to call any fear irrational because anything which troubles or disturbs our mental stability is not something irrational. However, getting subdued and giving in to our fears is asphyxiating. Fear is a strange force which often prevents us from reaching our full potential or fighting the injustice we face at the hands of others or in some cases, at the hands of the organization we work/study in. Fear prevents us from fighting for the right. Giving in to our fears and not being able to fight makes us feel guilty and fills our hearts with remorse. The regret causes us to look down upon ourselves. What we fail to realize is that it is okay to have fears and be afraid of our inner demons. However, if not at once, then gradually we need to fight our own battles. We need to defeat our inner demons. Once we start resisting the fear and the withdrawing force fear creates, realization dawns. The lost self-respect and trust in the self is eventually regained. Slowly but steadily we need to start overcoming our fears. We need to realize that we are the sole judge of our life. We do not fail as long as we do not consider ourselves a failure. No one can snatch anything from us. If you fear losing your loved ones and that is why you comply with their conditions, then it is time to realize that the relationship you are in is toxic and you need to let go of that individual as soon as possible. If you are scared of your organization/boss and that is why you get subjected to injustice, then it is time to raise your voice against it and exercise your rights as an employee/student. If you fear rejection then you need to go ahead and get a decisive answer as the fear kills every day, but the rejection will hurt you -maybe for months too but at least you will work upon yourself and progress in life just like a running stream instead of staying stagnant like a puddle. However, there are also other fears and individual can have- they can be results of a trauma or just a childhood fear instilled in them as a child by an adult to govern their behavior. Some, in fact, most of these fears might need special help from therapists and counsellors to get diminished, if not completely eradicated. While it may seem difficult in the beginning, but as you proceed and succeed day by day in overcoming these fears in a stepwise manner, you start taking pride in yourself, you start regaining the lost confidence, satisfaction replaces the regret and you start standing up not just for yourself but others too! Thus, that is when you win because that is when you become a survivor.

Published by shachi_sinha

An engineer who is making an endeavour to pen down her unsaid emotions and her midnight musings with an effort to connect with all of you out there.

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